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Monday, 8 June 2020

Now a Bum lift!

7th June 2020

Added 15mm chrome stripe, same material as front, to rear bumper. Side chrome aligned with top line of side decal and top of wrap around rubber bumper then continued across bumper to the other side.
Also added a rubber bumper protector to the top of the bumper.

All in all it looks ...different...time will tell.

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Face Lift!

28 April 2020

Decided to try and change the front of my rubber bumper by adding a finer mesh grille, chrome strip, moving number plate to bumper and some glossy clear varnish!

Here is the result, like it or lump least it is different! Let's hope there is still plenty of cooling air for the radiator/oil cooler!

Overall effect

Aluminium mesh grille - 3.5 a 5mm mesh - slid behind bumper bracket plate and secured with a single new bracket. 

Moved number plate to bumper and added grille to cover air intakes usually masked by number plate. Brackets fastened to number plate bracket mounting holes on rear of bumper. Number plate screwed directly to rubber bumper.

Friday, 7 February 2020

Sunday, 29 December 2019

A Quick Run Out

29 Dec 2019

Today had a short drive to see if all was well after having the clutch stuck in the engaged position due to being left undriven for a few weeks! 

Cured by engaging fourth gear, foot on the brake and clutch pedal and engaging the starter motor to free it. This method worked fine.

A couple of  pics before going back under cover. Must run more often!

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Side indicator repeaters

October 2019
Always thought the front turn indicator lights are a bit buried in the rubber bumper and not very visible from the side direction. Did not want to go with the American MGB market version as in my mind they look a bit large.
So decided to look at adding some additional side indicators to the bumper.
After much searching I found these on eBay and as they were only cheap decided to send for them to see how they looked.

As they looked pretty suitable when offered up to the bumper I set about adding them.

Modified the wiring from the existing indicators each side by adding a 4 way connector to enable a feed for the extra provide a feed for the new lights.
My wiring was like this below. Then fed the new lights wires, one into each of the separate 4 way black connector to provide live and earth connections.

Drilled a 12mm hole in the bumper for the wires to pass through and smaller, 2mm, holes for the two attachment screws.
There was an existing hole in the lower scuttle nearby to pass the wires into the wheel arch. Opened this out to 15mm round and fitted a rubber grommet to protect the wires passing through the hole.

Positioned the new lights close to the end of the bumper and lower than mid bumper to avoid a raised rib inside the bumper.

In my mind they look just the job and they work fine.

The extra electrical load does not affect the flashing speed of the indicators.
Flashing speed is too fast, me thinks, but the flasher unit, not in usual place just under the dash but high up behind the dash! Can't reach it however I try? Any clues?

Thursday, 17 October 2019

Walnut dash

17th October 2019

Just added a stick on walnut dash from the 'Walnut Dash Company' via Ebay. I had fitted one to my previous MGB GT so I know they can look pretty good.

This one looks good too?  Took about 2 hours in total to fit including precleaning the dash with white spirit. 

Only issues I had were: -

1.  To get the panel over the choke cable handle was a very tight fit. Had to force it over but caused a slight amount of damage to the panel. Not that you would notice now fitted. Would have been better to remove the inner cable. But doing that has its own issues!

2. The small rectangular seat belt warning light cover would not come fully off no matter how hard I tried. Moved it out just enough to clear the two pegs. The hand brake warning cover did come off after a bit of a struggle. Solution was to cut the panels large pre-cut hole into a slot  at the bottom for the seat belt warning light body and slide the panel carefully behind it.

Other than that it was fairly straight forward but you only get one chance to get each panel lined up before pressing in place!

Here are a few pics of the finished dash.

 The yellow on the glovebox lid is a reflection of a steering lock in the passenger footwell! 

Have to remove gear lever gaiter before fitting

Started the longest piece, that goes over the instruments, by first aligning on the 4 small warning lights surrounding the oil pressure gauge. Once this was done the rest of the panel aligned with all other instrument holes. 

Monday, 14 October 2019

Additions in my ownership


Fitted older style number plates front and back as they are now permitted on 40+ year old vehicles.


As much as I would like to restore this MGB GT back to its original spec it was quickly clear to me that is was better to stick with what I have and move on from here.

With that in mind I had it trailered to my house from some 140 miles away. Did not want drive all that way, most of it on motorway.

Here is what I have done to date:- This does not include any general maintenace tasks, fluid changes etc.

Not necessarily in the order below.

 01 Dec 2019 -Number plate backing plates

Just came across some chromed plastic backing plates in B&M for £2.99 each!
Fitted them to front and back number plates and they look ok. Had to raise rear plate up about 10mm to accommodate . Rear door clears ok!
At least they won't rust!

New GT and rear badges. Replaced the existing 2 GT badges and rear MG BGT badges with new.

Above... Body work beneath GT badges

Wiper arms and blades Replaced existing with new stainless steel.

New air intake grille. Removed old and fitted new. 

Condition of bodywork with grille removed above

New grille, mesh and fittings.

Go faster Stripes! As an experiment I bought a pair of silver multi striped LE decals with MGB lettering and fitted them. Start position was level with the top of the rear bumper not bottom of the door as suggested by the maker. Then measured down from waistline chrome strip at the same level for the rest. I think they look okay. Have had mixed reaction to them!

Bonnet Gas Struts Decided to fit gas strut kit to bonnet, one strut each side. Bought the kit, from MEV Spares, and had a go! At first there seemed little room to fit the offside strut as it would get dangerously close to the brake reservoir.  Also to fit the kit you need to cut off the existing strut attachment bracket welded to the wing. It doesn't state that in the instructions! However once the bracket was off there was no turning back. Eventually all was well but had to fit a 6mm spacer ( nut with thread drilled out) between the body and bracket to lower the bracket sufficiently so it didn't foul the bonnet when closed. 

Existing mechanical bonnet support. Near side

Off side

Near side

Off side -uses existing holes

Near side - uses existing holes

Off side

Near side

Gas struts work fine and gives opening and shutting the bonnet a much more modern feel. Access when open is very similar to the single strut access.

Boot. In very good condition to start. General clean up and a quick green respray to make near perfect. Bought a missing pump shield bracket and fitted.  Bought boot floor gas strut kit and fitted that. It does make getting at stuff in the lower boot area much easier. No more balancing the floor on my head!


 Ignition Key. Ever had one of those days!  Only had one ignition key supplied with the MG so I tried to get a second cut at the local locksmiths. They had to send for a blank as it was special. While waiting I found what I thought was a second key in a box of documents. Inserted in lock, gentle turn and it snapped off leaving a good 15mm of key buried in the ignition lock! How to get it out?  After trying every suggestion on YouTube it quickly became clear it was not going to move. So sent for a new Lucas ignition lock. A few days later I removed the 3 bolts that held the steering column dropped it down to access the lower cowl screws and removed the cowl. Took a sharp punch to the top surface of the shear bolts and tapped them undone. Surprised how easy this worked. Fitted the new lock and all worked. Now I have 2 keys!  

Indicator switch . I had noticed that the indicator switch was a bit loose. It worked fine but had movement in the neutral position. While the cowl was off from the steering lock replacement had a good look and found the clamping ring, part of the switch, that holds it to the steering column, was broken. Had one attempt at gluing it in place but it soon broke again. So sent for a new switch. Had to remove the steering wheel to get this in place and transfer over the wiper switch. All went well and operation of indicator switch is now good.

Interior light switch. Not working. Plastic distorted internally. Replaced with new.

Windscreen wiper spindle chromes. Replaced both with new chrome spacer and washer.

Bonnet release cable. Half of handle broken off. Replaced with new cable.

Accelerator cable.  Didn't like colour! Replaced with black cable.

Bonnet badge Added new MG bonnet badge to replace old.

Carb float needle valves. Had a severe leak from the overflow pipes from the carbs. This happened several times. Bought replacement kit of needle valve parts and replaced on both carbs. Checked and adjusted float height. Fitted new in line fuel filter also. Problem cured.

Tank to fuel pump hose. Fuel pump made a lot of noise from the onset but one day engine stopped completely. Tracked down to lack of fuel. Found flexible hose from tank to pump had a large split adjacent to pump and pump was just sucking air. Removed and replaced with new hose. Now the pump is a lot quieter! Must have been sucking some air all along.

Engine bay work. Have done a lot of cleaning, painting and smartening up in the engine bay. this includes new heater valve, radiator cap, chrome rocker cap, chrome coil cover, chrome carb dash pot covers, added missing vacuum pipe to carb, replaced oil hose grommets and oil hose straps, new reverse embossed chassis plate. 

Cardboard engine shield  Some areas of this had delaminated. Removed from car, glued back together with waterproof PVA, clamped then painted black when dry and reinstalled..

Lower air duct. This cardboard item had gone too far to repair so home made one in aluminium and bolted in place.


External Body work. Mainly just the odd bit of touching up the paintwork. Found that Halfords Brooklands Green spray can is an excellent match.

Headlights. Replaced both rusted headlamp buckets for new metal ones including new rubber seals between bucket and bodywork. Fitted new sealed beam units as those fitted were of a flatter shape to the tradition ones. Added new chrome bezel rings and catches. 


(More pics to come)

Existing headlight

Replacement light.

Also added new chrome number plate lights, chrome reversing light bezels, lockable fuel cap.

Rubber Bumpers. After a bit of trial and error I sprayed them with a clear gloss coat to take the dullness off them. Not too bad but may come off with a bit more use. Seriously considering having them painted body colour if I can find someone to do them!

Interior work. Several small items attended to including.

  • New armrest catch
  • New chrome gaiter ring
  • Extra foam added to drivers seat base.
  • Replaced broken seat belt stalk, drivers side.
  • Added handbrake grip using bike handlebar grip. ( 22mm)
  • Added seat belt guides both seats.
  • Washed and cleaned seat belts to help them return better. 

Handbrake grip

Seat belt Guides

Now a Bum lift!

7th June 2020 Added 15mm chrome stripe, same material as front, to rear bumper. Side chrome aligned with top line of side decal and top of w...